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A Filipina. An Aspiring Photographer. A Determined Graphic Designer. A Persistent Illustrator. A Wishful Traveler. A Dreamer. A Roman Catholic.

Think and thank God for all the good and bad, for all the happiness and pain, for all the luck and misfortunes. Thank you God for everything #thankful #blessed #rcnocrop
Keeping myself cozy in this windy and rainy weather brought by #typhoonluis. Keep safe everyone.
Can’t sleep so here’s an early #inspirationalquote for this Sunday morning #quotestoliveby #motivation #keepthefaith
"To see the world, things dangerous to come to. To see behind walls, to draw closer. To find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life" Now watching #TheSecretLifeofWalterMitty #WalterMitty #moviemode #rcnocrop
8. September 2014

I’ve been down a lot of times and cried so many times. Even if I’m about to give-up and totally loose control I always turn to God, my family, Jed, and my friends. It’s really nice to know that you are surrounded by people who truly care and support you all the way. I’ve always told myself never to give-up and to continue moving forward because failing is part of success. If life has been easier for me then I would not learn anything nor I won’t become stronger.

Still I’m thankful for all the wrong things I have done in order for me to correct it and I’m thankful for all the bad things that has happened to me because I know good things will come my way.

I know it won’t be an easy ride but at least I tried. So I’m giving myself a PUSH no matter what the circumstances or situations maybe.

Currently munching on these creamy caramel popcorn made in korea but was able to buy it at a local japanese store 😁 #daisojapan #koreanpopcorn #food #foodporn #happytummy #notodiet #rcnocrop
Yey! Bonding with Fharra 😊 #happy #hsfriends #foodtrip #kwentuhantothemax #shopping #InstaMagAndroid

Lord, help me be strong, help me become brave, help me be more patient, help me focus on my goals, help me move forward. Please Lord, help me. I need you.

Goodnight World 🌃 #finnandjake #adventuretime
Say hello to my crispy #lechonkawali #food #foodporn #cholesterolfood #instafood #yummeh